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MW 7755 Inverter-microwave with grill- and hot-air function 3-in-1

MW 7755
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  • innovative INVERTER technology: constant and precise power output for even and gentle cooking, allowing for optimal taste retention also for delicate foods (eg. fish)
  • high-grade stainless-steel design with attractive mirror-finish door
  • \'EasySelect\' concept for simple and intuitive operation, with easy-view control-panel arrangement
  • easy-select rotary control with all-around 360° LED lighting for convenient selecting the power or programs
  • versatile backing and preparing food thanks to hot air function up to 200 °C, incl. pre-heating function
  • additional non-stick pizza plate (diameter approx. 28 cm), perfect for home-made pizza and frozen pizza
  • be-silent function: acoustic signal can be enabled/disabled if desired
  • favourite-dish function: Power and cooking time can be saved and re-called for 3 dishes
  • modern LED-touch-display with quick-select-functions
  • robust, easy-to-clean stainless-steel cooking interior
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Product description

  • net weight: 11950 g
  • gross weight: 14473 g
  • product measurements (height): 295 mm
  • product measurements (width): 425 mm
  • product measurements (length): 485 mm
  • packaging measurements (height): 330 mm
  • packaging measurements (width): 473 mm
  • packaging measurements (length): 550 mm