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KGK 8956 Refrigerator/Freezer Combination Inverter

KGK 8956
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  • Plenty of storage space thanks to 432 litres useful capacity (324/108)
  • Display integrated in the door – for electronic control (super cooling, super freezing, ECO, holiday)
  • Modern LED stirps on the inside – for pleasantly bright light and a perfect overview
  • Extremely quiet – 39 dB
  • Chrome applications on glass edges, drawers and door compartments
  • 2 x hight-adjustable safety glass shelves
  • 3 x ?Freezebox“ in the freezing area
  • 4 x door compartments
  • Alarm if door is opened too long
  • Door opening on the right-hand side, reversible
  • incl. egg tray, Ice cube tray and bottle rack
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  • Good service quality
  • 30 days buyers protection
  • Secure payment via SSL encryption
Product description

  • net weight: 83000 g
  • gross weight: 89000 g
  • product measurements (height): 1850 mm
  • product measurements (width): 703 mm
  • product measurements (length): 703 mm
  • packaging measurements (height): 1920 mm
  • packaging measurements (width): 756 mm
  • packaging measurements (length): 750 mm