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The SEVERIN press portal

Your press contacts
Simply contact us with any enquiries.

Barbara Dornwald
Tel.: +49-89-452219-24

Jutta Rossié
Tel.: +49-89-452219-22

E-Mail: severin@move-communications.com
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Current press releases

30. September 2020German Design Award 2021: Special Mention for SEVO GTSSundern, 28 September 2020 - SEVO GTS’ winning streak continues: the top model in SEVERIN’s current eBBQ range has received a German Design Award Special Mention in the category “Excellent Product Design - Gardening and Outdoor Living”. More15. September 2020SEVERIN’s new “French door” fridge-freezer combination boasts inverter technologySundern, September 15, 2020 - SEVERIN expands its refrigerator/freezer portfo-lio with a new “French door” model, which convinces in terms of technology and visuals. Modern inverter technology ensures a longer shelf life for food products with reduced power consumption and lower noise level.More15. September 2020Does more than just warm up: 4-in-1 microwave with Pizza Express functionSundern, 15 September 2020 - Pizza fans will love the new MW 7759 microwave from SEVERIN. Thanks to the innovative Pizza Express function, the pizza is ready in just 10 minutes, with no defrosting or preheating required. It’s all thanks to the double grill with upper and lower heat, which is also perfect for baking delicious cakes and other delicacies.More15. September 2020Powerful and flexible: new 2-in-1 cordless handheld and upright vacuum cleaner from SEVERINSundern, 15 September 2020 - Rechargeable vacuum cleaners are very much in vogue as versatile household helpers. SEVERIN makes no compromises in terms of suction power and run time, as the new HV 7166 handheld and upright vacuum cleaner "S'Power”, which boasts a very strong digital motor and 60 minutes’ run time, demonstrates.More15. September 2020eBBQ winter barbecues: 500-degree outdoor kitchen with guaranteed successSundern, 15 September 2020 - Everyone barbecues in summer! Real barbecue fans also use the cold season to pamper family and friends with their skills on the grill, transforming the garden or patio into an outdoor kitchen. It’s particularly handy that the SEVO, SEVERIN’s innovative electric barbecue, heats up to a full 500°C in just 10 minutes, showcasing its unique advantages when compared with coal and gas barbecues.More9. September 2020SEVERIN sets the course for global realignmentSundern, September 1, 2020 - SEVERIN continues to invest extensively in the strategic realignment of the company also in challenging times. From September 2020 the company will operate with an extended management team which will be focussed on the ex-pansion of the international business.More19. August 2020SEVERIN is on courseSundern, August 19, 2020 - In times of crisis, true strength of character is revealed. Despite the many challenges that the year 2020 has presented so far, SEVERIN continues its consistent pursuit of its chosen path of transformation for both company and brand. Investments in new products as well as in brand identity and team show that SEVERIN is standing by its service commitment, and will continue to be a reliable partner for the specialist retail trade in future.More30. Juli 2020It’s tea time: “Professional” tea kettle for perfect tea enjoymentSundern, 30th July 2020 - Autumn is tea season. Whether it's a morning ritual, a relaxing break or a tried-and-tested remedy for the first signs of a cold - when properly made, tea is an allrounder for the body and mind. For perfect tea enjoyment, SEVERIN presents the "Professional" tea kettle with an auto-lift function. Five preset tea programmes ensure that the water temperature and the brewing time are always right.More