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18. September 2018SEVERIN RELOADED: COMPLETE SUCCESS AT THE IFASundern, September 2018 - Sundern, 6 September 2018 – All eyes were on SEVERIN as the company’s highly-anticipated new brand identity was unveiled at the IFA. The results after six days of the trade fair: 25% more contacts with the qualitative specialist retail trade and trade influencers. Christian Strebl, Managing Director of SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH, delivers his verdict: “We have proved that we’ve met all the goals we set ourselves prior to the IFA. And, what’s more, the keen interest we aroused in retail trade circles and their positive feedback shows us that this new approach is both correct and promising.”More21. August 2018SEVERIN “FLOORCARE” HAS FOUND THE “DUSTER FLATSHARE” – ACCOMPANYING THE WINNERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND WITH COOPERATION PARTNERSSundern, May 2018 - Sundern, 18 July 2018 – SEVERIN Floorcare has been looking for Germany’s coolest flatshare via its campaign “the Duster Flatshare” since mid-May. Now, the winners can be revealed: “Karli’s flatshare” in Berlin came out on top against 70 fellow competitors. SEVERIN Floorcare will now be paying the residents’ annual rent for a whole year. Karli’s flatshare is delighted at this news, while SEVERIN Floorcare is happy to have found a way to communicate successfully with younger, brand-independent target groups. To date, the campaign has achieved a reach of over 8,000,000 impressions, predominantly via the social media profiles on Facebook (www.facebook.com/abstauber.wg) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/abstauber.wg), as well as via the campaign hashtag #duster-flatshare.More15. August 2018ONE FOR ALL: FULLY-AUTOMATIC CITRUS PRESSSundern, August 2018 - Sundern, 31 August 2018 – SEVERIN presents a genuine world first at IFA 2018 in the shape of the fully-automatic citrus press. Thanks to the multi-size pressing cone, it always delivers the perfect juice yield – whether it's from a small lime or a large grapefruit. And best of all: The juice is always pressed out fully automatically in a matter of seconds with just one touch of the button, without any force having to be applied and with no annoying squirting.More13. August 2018STAFF MEETING IN SUNDERN: SEVERIN INFORMS EMPLOYEES OF REALIGNMENTSundern, May 2018 - Sundern, 30 May 2018 - What will happen after the transfer of all business shares of SEVERIN Elektroger?te GmbH to investor family Knauf? At the first staff meeting after the transfer, the new management board provided insights into new strategies, orientations and objectives.More13. August 2018PRICE-PERFORMANCE WIN – NOW ALSO FOR BAGLESS VACUUM CLEANERSSundern, June 2018 - Sundern, June 2018 – Excellent suction power despite the low price: the MY 7116.142 upright vacuum cleaner from SEVERIN comes out on top of the considerably more expensive competition according to the assessment of the German consumer organisation “Stiftung Warentest”. To quote the organisation directly: “The most affordable of the "good" bagless models is the SEVERIN MY 7116.142. Those who never want to buy bags again get a good vacuum cleaner for 150 euros.” Another benefit in the view of testers: “It’s better at removing animal hair.” And no wonder: the constantly high suction thanks to the advanced Multicyclone technology, the free nozzle set and integrated HEPA 14 filter all facilitate the particularly efficient removal of animal hair and the finest dust particles. This also makes the upright vacuum cleaner ideal for allergy sufferers and pet owners. In addition, the electronic power control guarantees optimum suction on all surfaces.More13. August 2018NO STREAKS, NO DROPS ON THE WINDOWSundern, May 2018 - Sundern, May 2018 – While sunshine and blue skies outside can put you in a great mood, dirty, streaky windows really spoil the view. The SC 7141 cordless battery-operated window vacuum cleaner “hygenius? glass Li 25” from SEVERIN Floorcare ensures that the streak- and drop-free cleaning of large windows and smooth surfaces is quick, easy and hygienic. SEVERIN has made its successful début in the battery-operated window vacuum cleaner segment with the SC 7141 “hygenius? glass Li 25”, currently the lightest window vacuum cleaner available on the market which is also the easiest to handle, guaranteeing consumers the high-performance, thorough cleaning of windows, mirrors, shower walls and tiled surfaces.More13. August 2018GROWTH AT SEVERINSundern, April 2018 - Sundern, April 2018 – SEVERIN is expanding its expertise in the cooling and freezing category by bringing two experts from the Amica Gruppe to Sundern. Tamás Angel (general management & purchasing) and Andreas Hahne (sales Germany) will be restructuring the MDA product group, guaranteeing an optimum, intensive service within the Medium Domestic Appliances (MDA) category. More8. August 2018LOW-CARB NOODLES WITH THE KM 3923 MR. TWISTER FROM SEVERINSundern, August 2017 - Light, low-fat dishes taste particularly delicious in summer. Trends like raw food and low carb aren’t just appetising, but are also perfectly suited to a fresh, summery diet. The vegan recipe for carrot noodles from blogger Anne Kissner from “Bodykiss” is perfect for hot summer days. Here, the KM 3923 electric spiraliser and vegetable chopper from SEVERIN guarantees success at the touch of a button: “The “Mr. Twister” conjures up veggie noodles in a flash - and the appliance doesn’t generate any waste, unlike some peelers,” gushes Anne. The spirals can be produced in a range of different shapes and widths thanks to five different knife attachments.MoreMore press releases