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TO 2061 Baking and toast oven

TO 2061
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  • multifunctional – for the preparation of pizza, chips, roasts or bakes, and for baking cakes, crisping up rolls and much more
  • includes pizza stone suitable for large pizzas and convenient rotisserie spit for meat and poultry
  • optimum, even cooking and baking results thanks to circulating air function
  • includes pizza stone measuring 29 cm in diameter
  • also ideally suited to large pizzas and cake tins
  • upper and lower heat can be operated separately or simultaneously
  • temperature settings between 100 and 230 °C
  • rapid warm-up time
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Product description

  • Nettogewicht: 6895 g
  • Bruttogewicht (inkl. Verpackung): 9140 g
  • Produktma?e (H?he): 295 mm
  • Produktma?e (Breite): 385 mm
  • Produktma?e (Tiefe): 445 mm
  • Verpackungma?e (H?he): 360 mm
  • Verpackungma?e (Breite): 425 mm
  • Verpackungma?e (Tiefe): 490 mm